ROCKIN’ THE COUNTRY came about by pure accident. A charity event, organized in Portsmouth by Rick McKay’s eldest daughter Kelly-Marie in October 2012, posed an unusual dilemma. Rick and Jodie McKay would perform as award winning country duo Pure Country, which would appeal to their following in the south of England. But, with the date being in Portsmouth, many of Rick’s oldest supporters would be expecting to see the return of Rockin’ Ricky, as some had called him for fun years ago.
Rockin' The Country

Jodie and Rick put their heads together and came up with a set list that combined the very best of Rick’s original rock ‘n’ roll set list with the very best of the duo’s classic country set. Add to that, a live band consisting of a mixture of country players and some of Rick’s old rock ‘n’ roll band, and the result was Rockin’ The Country. They also repeated this musical formula at a couple of other venues, as a duo, and it still worked. Some even commented that they preferred to see this show as opposed to their normal country shows.

In 2014, and newly formatted for theatres, Rockin’ The Country made it's theatre debut at The Thorngate Theatre in Gosport, Hampshire. Although the audience was comparatively small, the reaction was even more positive and so Rockin’ The Country is now preparing to play more dates in 2015.

There are no personal tributes in this show with everyone appearing as themselves, in their own right. In fact, the whole show IS quite simply a tribute to great music. Although the majority of the music in the show originated in the heyday of Rock ‘n’ Roll and classic country it also includes some great material from the revival years of the late 70’s and early 80’s and even as recent as the present day. Everything from Elvis, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Mud, Stray Cats, George Jones, Brenda Lee, Merle Haggard, Shakin’ Stevens, Johnny Preston, Tammy Wynette, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Big Bopper and even Garth Brooks!!

Rick McKay co-hosts the show on lead-guitar and vocals with Jodie McKay on acoustic guitar and vocals. Mark Jacobs swithes from his usual job as guitarist to drums with John Standen on upright bass. When possible, Gary Mears will also add keyboards, but, don't think you've got it all worked out, because ALL members of this band are multi-instrumentalists. Blink, and you might find the line up has completely changed around.  

As Leo Balmudo said to Danny Zuko at Thunder Road in Grease “The rules are, there ain’t no rules”. Rockin’ The Country is an ever-changing celebration of feel-good rock ‘n’ roll and country music, guaranteed to have you dancing in the aisles!!


ROCKIN' THE COUNTRY is prented by A. M. Productions
in association with Rickord Productions.