Television & Video

This is the main source of television and video clips of Rick McKay's live performances. We spend a lot of time scouring the internet for any clips we can find on You Tube and other video sites. If you find anything that is NOT shown here, please let us know and we'll do our best to add it to our collection. You can also follow this link to Rick's YouTube Channel where you'll find even more great video clips

JOHNNY CASH REVISITED appearing at Tribfest 2014


LAURA B & THE MOONLIGHTERS at The Twinwood Festival in Bedfordshire 2013.

MARC ROBINSON & THE COUNTERFEIT CRICKETS Rick was called in to play double bass on 6th July 2012. The show was "Rock 'n' Roll Hayride" and featured Marc's tribute to both Hank Williams and Buddy Holly. Rick has long been a Buddy Holly fan and couldn't resist the chance to play with this band. Apologies for the poor sound quality but we thought you'd like to see it anyway.


LAURA B & THE MOONLIGHTERS at The Breda Jazz Festival 2012. It's a wonderful event with numerous stages dotted around the town. Definitely an event worth making the journey to Holland for.


LAURA B & THE MOONLIGHTERS at Gloucester Jive & Swing Summer Dance with Rick playing one of his first gigs with the band on guitar 2011.... 


THE STEVE CHERELLE BAND filmed at The 2011 Harlow Country Music Festival with Rick McKay on drums. 




This music video took about 2 hours to make and was recorded and filmed at The Shack Studio, Essex, It's a quick demo of the Paul Richardson song "Low Down & Dirty" which The Wigsville Spliffs had previously recorded for their "FAT 41" cd with original singer Ian Aitken. The purpose of the video was to show european promoters the new "Spliffs" line up and let them know the trio was gig ready. Obviously, you can see how seriously the project was taken. It was a lot of fun. Very low budget with the entire lighting rig consisting of one standard living room lamp propped on the back of a chair!!


A partial clip of Rick and Hot Doggin' rockin' out at The Ace Cafe's "Rockers Reunion" in London. This was one of Rick's last live performances before his vocal surgery, hence the extended guitar solos. It was also Paul Richardson's very first gig as Hot Doggin's drummer.


In 2009 Rick spent some time playing lead guitar with Paul Ansell's Number Nine. Here are some clips from their gigs at The Music Palace and The Ace Cafe in London.